Caregiving with Focus and Feeling

Caregiven blends practical tasks with poignant conversation so caregivers have more meaningful time with their loved ones.

Designed for the majority of caregivers who desire a digital tool and personalized, yet private guidance to empower them in their care journey, Caregiven’s mission is to help users decrease the stress and overwhelm of being a caregiver, and to offer perspective to normalize the caregiving journey.

Caregiven’s Features



Caregiven provides a clear roadmap for each stage of a loved one’s care journey.  By aligning conversations and activities to each phase, Caregiven enables caregivers to recognize and honor the emotional needs of their loved one.

Caregiven Guide

Whether it’s filling out a document, capturing a story, or being guided on self-care, the Caregiven Guide interprets chat responses to recommend optimal next steps, even estimating the amount of time each activity might take.



The Caregiven Guide supports in the creation and sharing of important Documents, like Advance Care Plans; in simple, clear language, caregivers see exactly what needs to be prepared, by whom, including convenient links to forms.

Care Circle

Caregiving is often a group effort.  Caregiven helps caregivers establish their Care Circle surrounding their care recipient. Each individual manages their own user preferences but all information is stored collectively for everyone to access.



The Calendar feature serves as a secure and convenient place that keeps everyone in the care circle engaged and informed through proactive messaging, reminders, and important notes, and updates. 


Caregiven’s Stories feature enables meaningful conversations and legacy-building among caregiving tasks. Caregivers can easily record an important moment, conversation or story, using audio or video.  



To help counteract caregiver burnout and normalize the care journey, Caregiven’s Advice feature supports the health and well-being of caregivers through advice, guidance, and support using audio, video, visual imagery, and quotes.  


Research shows that when people are nearing their end-of-life, they want three things: to be forgiven, to be remembered, and to know their lives had meaning.   Regrettably, important and often sensitive conversations are put off until it is too late.  Caregiven empowers caregivers to prioritize these conversations.


Caregiven app login screenshot

“The simple act of caring is heroic.”

-Edward Albert, actor

Few moments upend a person’s life more than learning that their loved one is unwell, and likely won’t get better.  Caregiven empowers caregivers and their loved ones to understand and manage the journey ahead; providing the structure support and guidance they need to manage the journey.

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Caregiven's guided roadmap enables users to diminish feelings of overwhelm, keeping them focused on the most important tasks at hand while initiating opportunities to capture life stories and create meaningful moments and enduring memories. Aging or ill loved ones benefit from a higher quality of life, reduced healthcare, legal, medical, and personal costs, and peace of mind navigating the last stages of their end-of-life journey.