Face of Caregiving

Hope is Not a Strategy

A few weeks ago, I saw the words Hope Is Not A Strategy written on a wall.  It resonated with me, deeply. Since reading those words, I’ve thought a lot about “hope” as a concept and how it has influenced my behavior over the years. I can pinpoint the exact moment when I first weighed…

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The Power of a Voice

There are so many incredible tools that not only help us remember what it is we need to do in our daily lives, but can serve to remind us of those days – the moments within them, bringing it and the people within, back to life. Yet when I was in the throes of caring…

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Hearing the Ask for Help

I wasn’t raised to ask for help.  I was raised to identify what I wanted to do and then figure out how to do it.  And while I might not verbally ask for help, when it came to caring for my Dad, I felt like all I did was “ask” and all it got me…

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The Difference Between Parenting & Caregiving – Guest Blog

The following is a “guest blog” – written with much love and passion by the amazing Rachel of Taking Care of Grandma.I am so grateful to have her wisdom shared here. When someone says they are “parenting” their parents, my heart breaks a little. I try to forgive them, for “they know not what they do.”…

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Nothing Prepares You


There are defining moments whose anniversaries give us, as a society or culture, pause to reflect, remember or for future generations to learn about from those who were there that day. Such things bring us closer together as a community.  Families also have these defining moments as well. For me, it began with a note…

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Your “In-Loving Memory” Reminds Me of My Loss


It used to be that I took note of the name and notation about the life of whomever was commemorated in the plaque affixed to the bench where I sat or at the base of a tree that caught my eye. I know that people donate money for these benches and lampposts not only to…

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If You Care, You Are a Caregiver

Heart-shaped Hands

It wasn’t until I was on the phone with my Dad’s chosen hospice provider that I realized that I was a “caregiver”.  Fifteen months after diagnosis and it never occurred to me that this was my role. Only when I described myself as “his daughter calling to provide background to inform their first visit” did…

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