Changing the Death Conversation

Reminders Aren’t Grief

This morning I looked out my window into my backyard and I saw the daffodils were finally out. Naturally I thought of my Dad. In the spring before he died the three grandkids, my brother and I walked the backfield with my Dad. He walked the backfield every day and had a bench under a tree at…

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Give Me A Fish

 “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” There are a lot of resources available for family caregivers.  I have shelves full of thoughtful advice and deeply personal accounts of other caregivers.  Many people I know and love send…

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For People and For Pets

Recently my friend had to put her dog to sleep.  Cancer had taken over poor Rosie’s body and she was in pain; she was suffering and looked to the woman she loved most to help her.  And my friend did. My friend gave Rosie the peace she deserved.  But before that, she spent time showing…

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Shielding Children From Your Grief

When I sat down this morning to read the news my feed included an advice column from syndicated writer Carolyn Hax with the title “Should children be shielded from their parents’ grief?”.  A “Grieving Mommy” was seeking guidance on how to address her sadness with her 4-year old following the loss of her father. Her…

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Share More, Share Deeper


In my previous blog, I ended with the suggestion that through transparency you and your loved ones will be empowered to share more and to share deeply. By this I mean that when you realize the value of making something common knowledge or putting it “out there” a deeper level of understanding and a greater…

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Does It Have a Happy Ending?

Illuminated Book

People mean well, they really do.  Even thoughtless people and those who can’t relate to your situation.  I’ve only recognized this in hindsight. For me, there were too many times when it was difficult to give people the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe I was wrapped up in my own misery. Or maybe they needed…

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