A Caregiver's Journey

Welcome to my Journey

These are my personal stories, lessons, and learnings that guided me through my father’s end-of-life journey.

Illuminated Book

Does It Have a Happy Ending?

By Candice Smith | December 3, 2018

People mean well, they really do.  Even thoughtless people and those who can’t relate to your situation.  I’ve only recognized this in hindsight. For me, there were too many times when it was difficult to give people the benefit of…

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Others Are Going Through This with You

By Candice Smith | November 26, 2018

So far most of what I’ve written to you about has been focused on the emotional and psychological responses that you may encounter as a family caregiver.  Those visceral, internal struggles to be that “ideal” caregiver or at least respond…

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Remain True to Yourself

By Candice Smith | November 19, 2018

For a time, a long time, during my Dad’s illness I felt this immense pressure to be his savior. Perhaps I couldn’t save his life, but I could protect him from the “horrible” realities of the end-of-life journey.  It became…

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Birds Flying

Fight or Flight

By Candice Smith | November 12, 2018

“Dad had just shared with us his diagnosis. I clearly remember looking around the kitchen table where we were assembled.  At Mom, my brother, his wife and then my own. If my face was a reflection of theirs, then we…

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You Can’t Control What is Happening

By Candice Smith | November 5, 2018

Until I was faced with the news that my father was dying, I’d not given much thought to the process or how, as a caregiver, I could support him. Naively I assumed that since death was as much a part…

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Heart-shaped Hands

If You Care, You Are a Caregiver

By Candice Smith | October 29, 2018

It wasn’t until I was on the phone with my Dad’s chosen hospice provider that I realized that I was a “caregiver”.  Fifteen months after diagnosis and it never occurred to me that this was my role. Only when I…

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