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The Starting Line

The other day I was listening to a friend talk about her aging parents.  While neither parent is ill, they are in their 80’s.  And because neither is ill, there is no pressing need to doanything.  Except notdoing anything feels like being poised on the starting line waiting for the starter’s pistol to sound.  Then,…

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The Difference Between Parenting & Caregiving – Guest Blog

The following is a “guest blog” – written with much love and passion by the amazing Rachel of Taking Care of Grandma.I am so grateful to have her wisdom shared here. When someone says they are “parenting” their parents, my heart breaks a little. I try to forgive them, for “they know not what they do.”…

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Live Longer -or- Die Better?

The catalyst for my career change was the end-of-life journey that our family went through following my father’s diagnosis through his passing and the firm belief that while such experiences can never be easier, they certainly could and should be less difficult. And we had it “good”.  My father had a type of cancer that…

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For People and For Pets

Recently my friend had to put her dog to sleep.  Cancer had taken over poor Rosie’s body and she was in pain; she was suffering and looked to the woman she loved most to help her.  And my friend did. My friend gave Rosie the peace she deserved.  But before that, she spent time showing…

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Shielding Children From Your Grief

When I sat down this morning to read the news my feed included an advice column from syndicated writer Carolyn Hax with the title “Should children be shielded from their parents’ grief?”.  A “Grieving Mommy” was seeking guidance on how to address her sadness with her 4-year old following the loss of her father. Her…

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Nothing Prepares You


There are defining moments whose anniversaries give us, as a society or culture, pause to reflect, remember or for future generations to learn about from those who were there that day. Such things bring us closer together as a community.  Families also have these defining moments as well. For me, it began with a note…

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I Was There When Moments


It seems like every other day there is some historic event that conjures memories. Like the defining date of my generation, 9/11.  Each year I remember precisely where I was when the world changed. It’s one of those moments that “you’ll never forget”; the kind that you couldn’t even if you wanted to. Days like…

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A Caregiver’s Friend

One in five Americans workers report providing care to an elderly or disabled family member or friend.  For a company like Nike, with 73,000 employees, that’s nearly 14,600 caregivers. It may surprise those of you in Human Resources to know that 56% of caregivers do not report their caregiving responsibilities to their supervisor or HR…

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Your “In-Loving Memory” Reminds Me of My Loss


It used to be that I took note of the name and notation about the life of whomever was commemorated in the plaque affixed to the bench where I sat or at the base of a tree that caught my eye. I know that people donate money for these benches and lampposts not only to…

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Understanding the Motivation Behind Decisions


When my Dad was sick one of his biggest fears was to lose the ability to make decisions for himself. It’s a fear that we all have and leads us to completing an Advance Directives, setting up our will, and worrying over our end-of-life choices.  It takes on a different form when you are actually…

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