Caring for someone who won't get better
is one of the most traumatic experiences we all go through.

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                 Caregiven changes that.

Empowering Caregivers

Caregiven was born out of a simple, hard-learned truth: there is nothing in life that prepares us for the diagnosis of a loved one.

Our society doesn’t talk about death or dying until it’s forced upon us by circumstance. When you are facing the role of giving care to a loved one who has just received a life-threatening diagnosis, it’s a heavy responsibility to take on. It’s common to find oneself adrift in a sea of emotions, trying to make sense of endless medical terms, and questioning ‘what now?’. Facing the role of caregiver and family advisor can quickly lead to overwhelm. It’s a journey that comes with very few resources to aid you in skillful navigation of this valuable period of time. That’s why we created Caregiven.

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Changing the End-of-Life Conversation

There are 117 million Americans needing care support each year. Each year 3 million Americans die, 90% from a diagnosed cause. But nearly 60% of people who pass away have not made estate plans or documented their end-of-life wishes. Why? 

Caregiven believes that overwhelm, grief, fear and cultural taboos around dying are the cause. It is our vision to change the conversation around death and end-of-life care so that our loved ones feel comfortable in sharing their wishes and we know exactly how to honor them.

In doing so we...

  • Support our loved-ones to overcome denial and other complex emotions following a life-threatening diagnosis, including regret and the anguish of family members;
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations on topics that those who are dying wish to hear and caregivers wish to convey;
  • Aid caregivers to anticipate and educate themselves on upcoming conversations and decisions so as to diminish feelings of learning as you go;
  • Improve communication and transparency, simplifying sharing and prompting participation so that all involved are present in the journey;
  • Embrace technological tools to overcome distance and put people in the same room together, even when separated by distance.

What Are People Saying?


What I really like in this application is the way to collect stories and create a memory book to share.  I think this is amazing. It is something that I encouraged patients to do when I was doing palliative clinic work. Those recordings become so precious to family after the fact.  I also like the reminders of tasks to accomplish.

End-of-life planning and being prepared is not an easy tasks. There are so many things that you don’t think of…

Manager Life Care Planning | Kaiser Permanente Health Plan

What Does Caregiven Do?

Applying smart-phone features used in our daily lives, Caregiven is the most accessible and easy to use application of its kind. Caregiven is the only palliative caregiving app targeted at empowering and guiding family caregivers to support their loved one through all the practical and poignant tasks that comprise the end-of-life journey.

Caregiven’s guided roadmap enables users to diminish feelings of overwhelm, keeping them focused on the most important tasks at hand while initiating opportunities to capture legacy and create meaningful moments and enduring memories.

The Caregiven platform provides users fingertip-access to the most trusted advice, knowledge, resources, structure, and in-app tools to aid them in giving care to their loved one with focus and feeling, honoring wishes and reducing regrets.

Caregiven is actively in development and we need your help!

Caregiven’s first product is in development and it is our goal to make it available in the App Store in 2020. In the meantime, we are always looking to engage individuals who have a need and desire to change the end-of-life experience for our loved ones and those of us caring for them.